Competitive Benchmarking

The journey to business growth is more fragmented than ever.

Every business is searching to find the white space in their market where unmet or unarticulated needs present opportunities for product and brand innovation. DNDs’ cognitive, data-driven insights uncover the path to understand your consumers’ true needs and compensating behaviors. Using these insights, we can work together to craft your brand’s message based on what you know, not what you assume.

Take the guesswork out of understanding your target persona.

Just having an idea of who your target market is, simply isn’t enough — actionable insights are what separate realized from unrealized growth. The old guard of research is too slow and too costly for today’s ever-shifting consumers. Here at Digital Surgeons, we leverage social listening technologies that unlock true insights into the psychological motivators and behaviors of real people.

Competitive Benchmarking
Competitive Benchmarking

The power of 100,000 focus groups. More than your average sample size.

We’ve moved beyond traditional focus groups that introduce too much bias and too few insights. By analyzing hundreds of thousands of organic conversations across all online platforms, we are able to identify consumers’ personality traits, behaviors, psychology and motivations when engaging with your product. When you listen to what your consumers are actually saying, we can learn what drives your consumers to purchase, or just what drives them crazy.

Together we ask the right questions and translate them into actionable answers.

By harnessing the power of our proprietary NLP (natural language processing) engine,  IBM Watson’s cognitive computing, and the principles of design thinking, we are able to get to the root of who your audience actually is. Armed with a deep understanding of your customer’s motivating factors and how they are engaging with you and your competitors, we are able to create opportunities for disruptive innovation, authentic communication strategies, and meaningful experiences that move your brand and categories forward.

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